Vayrac. High school students are aware of the environment

As part of the International Film Festival on the Environment, organized by the association FReDD (Film, Research and Sustainable Development) in Toulouse and throughout Occitania, every class at Vayrac College was able to watch a film on this topic, in collaboration with the Uxello cinema.

The films were selected by the educational team based on FReDD’s proposals, in order to then process them in class and create an exhibition.

6th grade: “Oak”: the story of an oak tree, 210 years old, who became a pillar in his kingdom. A poetic story with stunning images and sound that leads to the discovery of a magnificent tree, teeming with life, and its inhabitants, squirrels, clams, jays, ants and field mice.

At the end of the film, joint work made it possible to deal with the concept of ecosystems and encourage young people to enjoy observing nature.

5th grade class: “The Flower of Buriti” (Crowra): Patpro, a child from the Krahô Indian community, will discover three key periods in the history of his people. And that often came down to the struggle to preserve their freedom, and ensure their survival… This film represents the project “The Forest and We” performed in SVT (Life Sciences of the Earth) and in French with the editor and author, Marie Mazas, whose ecological issue occupies an important place in her work.

During the class, the students reflected on the problem raised in the film, the attitude of the indigenous people towards nature, the importance of the Amazon rainforest and actions for its protection.

Grade 3: “Pandemic Factory”: in this documentary, scientists from all over the world present the causes of zoonoses, these new diseases (AIDS, Ebola, Chikungunya, Covid-19, etc.) that are transmitted to humans by animals.

Students are then encouraged to think about the connections between human health and ecosystem health. After brainstorming as a class, each student completed a FOLIOS sheet to track their civic and cultural journey and come up with an illustrated tagline associated with the film.

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