The honeymoon of Renault and Chinese Geely continues

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault SA

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Namely, Renault will produce electric cars for Polestar, a brand of the Chinese group Geely. The production site will be located in South Korea, in Busan, where the Renault group has an ultra-modern production facility. For information, Polestar, the Swedish brand that passed into Chinese hands, aims to sell 80,000 cars in 2023, then 290,000 cars in 2025.

Renault – Geely association stronger than Nissan?

A time of change has come between Renault and Nissan, with a new agreement, more egalitarian and less fusional, opening the door to other associations, which did not escape even Geely, the Chinese giant.

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From 2025, Polestar 4 cars will roll off the production lines of the French manufacturer (the assembly lines of the factory are capable of producing 200,000 cars per year). This is not exactly the first time for any group. The Renault factory is already producing the Volvo XC40 in 2022, a Volvo that also belongs to the Chinese group Geely.

Musical chairs

In 2025, Renault is again set to produce two new SUVs, still in Korea, based on Geely Group chassis and technology, which will sustainably strengthen the ties that already unite the two groups. For Renault, it’s an effective way to make the South Korean location, which is struggling to be profitable, profitable, a sort of second chance.

Angelina Hubner

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