Hanoi wants to seduce the taste buds of international tourists

Marketing legend Philip Kotler once said that Vietnam could become “international cuisine”which is a topic for reflection for professionals, tourism stakeholders, localities rich in culinary specialties and connoisseurs of culinary culture.

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The charm of Vietnam in general, and its capital in particular, can be felt on the tips of the sticks. Besides the beauty of its tourist spots, culinary specialties are also attractive factors for foreign tourists in Hanoi.

In 2017, a British newspaper The Telegraph ranked Hanoi among the 18 largest cities in the world in terms of food. Meanwhile, the US Cable News Network (CNN) suggested popular destinations for the best noodle dishes in Hanoi.

The well-known travel site Tripadvisor has just published the “Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best 2022” list, which shows the best destinations, services and experiences in tourism, based on millions of reviews from travelers around the world.

In the foodie destination category, Hanoi (Vietnam) and 24 other cities around the world such as London (UK), New York (USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand), Cairo (Egypt)… were awarded for their food.

Tripadvisor describes Hanoi as a charming, ancient city that preserves its old districts, monuments and ancient architecture while providing space for modern developments.

If Hanoi has managed to win a place at the top of the best gastronomic destinations, the dishes that occupy a place of honor in its culinary heritage are undoubtedly fovermicelli with crab soup, vermicelli with ampullaria, vermicelli with chicken soup, fried la vong fish…

The food in Hanoi is so delicious that visitors have to come back again and again, TripAdvisor said.

The fact that several restaurants in Hanoi have been awarded the Michelin guide will be a driving force to promote the capital’s tourism industry, especially in the context where it is experiencing rapid growth from the first months of 2023.

Of the country’s 103 restaurants selected for the Michelin guide, Hanoi has 48, including three-star restaurants, 13 affordable Bib Gourmand restaurants, and 32 restaurants selected by Michelin, as well as winners of the Michelin Young Chef Award.

Hanoi also has 13 other restaurants that have won the Bib Gourmand category (food that is both delicious and affordable). In addition, in the list of 70 restaurants recommended by Michelin, Hanoi has 32 restaurants that represent street food, local cuisine and many other types of cuisine.

According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, the fact that many restaurants in Hanoi are marked and recommended by the Michelin guide is a good opportunity to promote its cuisine to the world.

It is a motivation for restaurants to improve their services, guarantee food hygiene, be creative in preparing dishes and create an original space for their customers, and also a good opportunity for Hanoi to continue promoting its image and its sector tourism destination through its rich, diverse and traditional cuisine.

In the coming time, the Department of Tourism of Hanoi will focus on the development of culinary tourism products. It plans to create a “food tour map” to help Vietnamese and foreign tourists explore the local cuisine in person, further developing culinary tourism into the capital’s strength.

Tourism is a general economic sector that uses the value of other areas to create products that serve customers, including culture. Culinary culture is emphasized to promote tourism development, attract tourists to Vietnam and increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese tourism on the international stage, said Nguyen Quoc Ky, president of Vietnam Culinary Culture Association.

The association plans to build culinary art museums, establish cooking schools and organize promotional programs inside and outside the country with the aim of promoting Vietnamese culinary culture as a national brand. They will also work to verify safe food suppliers and introduce them to consumers.


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