A special train leaves for the Hanoi Creative Design Festival

A special train leaves for the Hanoi Creative Design Festival

Vietnam General Railways (VNR) has announced that it will organize a special train on November 17 to serve visitors to the 2023 Hanoi Creative Design Festival who want to explore the Gia Lam Railway Factory.

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The LH1 train will depart from Long Bien Station at 19:05 and the LH2 train will depart from Gia Lâm Station at 22:25, connecting the city center to the suburbs of Gia Lâm, at a low price of VND 20,000 for one way easy.

The Gia Lâm Railway Factory, built in 1905 by the French to take advantage of the railway industry of the time, is one of the main venues for the Hanoi Creative Design Festival. 2023, and the rest are Hàng Dâu water tower and Van Xuân flower garden and Long Biên station.

During the 10 days of the festival, trains LH3 and LH5 will connect Hanoi Station with Gia Lâm Station in the morning, and trains LH4 and LH6 in the afternoon, creating favorable conditions for visitors to immerse themselves in the festival at contested locations.

The festival also marks the special appearance of the “Heritage Journey” train, opening the door for visitors to explore the historic buildings of the capital city of Hanoi from a new perspective.

It represents an annual city event whose goal is to implement the implementation plan of initiatives related to the UNESCO network of creative cities, while promoting the development of the cultural industry…


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