Hydrocarbons: the company “New Age” intends to increase its activities

“We have a well to drill and activities to carry out. It is actually a sequence of activities that enter the framework of development. But all this will be when we determine the potential better, obviously then we could move to the production phase. Also, if Within two to three years, everything is positive and the results are good, we will achieve production,” said Steven Lowden, director of “New Age”.

In the same sense, the two parties discussed several other points during this working meeting, in particular the partnership between the British oil and gas company and Olive Energy. On this topic, Steven Lowden said: “Olive Energy is a partner that will ultimately work with us and show how we can cede part of our interests to them, in order to create a synergy that can take us faster towards production. »

Steven Lowden praised Congo’s oil production efforts. The British company subsequently presented its vision in relation to the various activities it can still perform in the context of the production and exploitation of oil fields. “First, we have an obligation to Marine 3 and therefore we have to respond to this obligation which is drilling. And for the rest, it must be said that if there is a possibility of acquiring other assets in the Congo, we will obviously acquire them. explained Steven Lowden.

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