ManOrga: think carefully about the spaces of tomorrow and save the planet

Entrepreneurship – ManOrga: think carefully about the spaces of tomorrow and save the planet

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To become the European benchmark for a sustainable decarbonized economy of well-designed spaces

ManOrga creates, produces, recycles and distributes products and services for the sustainable organization of space, both for industry and for tertiary players. As such, the group envisions solutions that enable the optimization of space and thus make our planet a well-designed space. ManOrga also combines eco-design and production. All products, shelves, platforms and partitions are made taking care to reduce the impact on the environment. To achieve this, teams prefer short circuits for their hardware supplies and paint products, thus reducing CO emissions.2 generated during key stages such as transportation and recycling of textiles and used materials. ManOrga also designs reliable, robust and modular products to optimize their life cycle and promote their reuse. Electric vehicles, LED lighting, charging stations, solar panels, ManOrga is also committed to energy efficiency.

The result of thinking constructed with all employees, Néo is the vision that the ManOrga group has maintained for the year 2030. Among the concrete and visible actions: the creation of solar farms on the roofs of the Lys-lez-Lannoy and Leers factories as well as solar shades in the parking lots. Recently, the group wanted to expand the area of ​​its factory in Leers to meet production needs. The project designed sustainably as the factory now integrates a controlled ventilation system and insulation has been increased to increase comfort inside the building by limiting its consumption. Regarding biodiversity, a rainwater retention basin is attached to the building and several vegetated areas, including robust species, promote the development of flora and fauna in the limited space of the activity zone.

Giraudet, king of the quenelle since 1910

People at the center of the ManOrga project

Making a planet a well-designed space for ManOrga means thinking about those who will inhabit it, as well as those who will design it. With people at the center of the project, the company shows that it is entirely possible to combine trust, respect, honesty, commitment and openness. For this reason, ManOrga specially created a social and sports association open to employees, future talents of the group and everyone! Objectives: the fight against a sedentary lifestyle, breaking the code of classical management, promoting the development of all. Internally, the group promotes mobility, multicultural openness and atypical career paths, which is what makes its teams rich. In terms of employment, with 400 employees, the group regularly recruits for various positions, particularly in partnership with Pôle Emploi and communities, to support candidates’ return to work and train them in their professions.

Innovation in ManOrga

ManOrga is the only player in its market that prefers a 100% indirect distribution method. The group really considers its commercial partners as its own sales force. Therefore, it must offer them a 5-star level of service. ManOrga also offers a level of customization of its products, thus offering the ability to respond to all types of use. The flexibility of the production tool makes it possible to offer very short delivery times and thus a quick response to needs while respecting our planet.

ManOrga, the flagship of French industry, believes in a positive industry.

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