Caussade. Teaching: Saint-Lubin fresco in anamorphosis

the important thing
An anamorphic mural symbolizing the universality of cultures with Apprentis d’Auteuil.

At the Sain-Lubin Apprentis d’Auteuil de Caussade campus, young people participated in the creation of a street art version of the mural for two weeks, under the supervision of the artist “Jokolor” who guided them step by step in rewriting the names. Saint-Lubina on the wall of the hall in anamorphosis. The principle consisted in creating a distorted work, the recomposition of which becomes visible from one precise place. Everywhere else we see only elements that are not in harmony with each other. This project was initiated with Manon, the pastoral leader, and was coordinated by Maéva, the educator of the life and autonomy support service. “This place was impersonal and we had to add color to it through an achievement that was related to young people”, points out Maéva, who specifies that young people were invited to join the project, to give ideas, to express themselves, which they did by choosing words in French, English, Arabic, African dialect, which were then integrated into the fresco. On Friday at noon, the fresco was finally finished, and the young people had enough time to admire the result, which was very effective. This educational-artistic action was financed by the Sarbacana foundation, whose mission is to organize and/or support concrete actions for the benefit of people under 30 years old in vulnerable situations at the educational, social, professional and family level.

Participation and cooperation

“Jokolor” started painting on the walls in 1998, and then in 2005-2006. developed according to participatory art projects and collective frescoes. His artistic approach is focused on participatory and collaborative work, his work is based on color and feeling, the process of working together becomes as important as the final aesthetic result of collective work. “Self-taught, I learned to paint with children and young people,” he confides. Cooperation has been the basis of his work for more than 10 years. Audience participation is an integral part of the process of creating a work.

Contact: Apprentis d’Auteuil, professional campus Saint-Lubin, 38 avenue des Tourondes, 82300 Caussade. Such. 05 54 06 10 00; email:; Internet:

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