With Up Com: the agency that brings you together!

Can you briefly tell us about the origin of the agency and its core activity?
When it was created 12 years ago, With Up Com started mainly with the design and organization of internal communication events. We were lucky to have the trust of large clients from the very beginning. We quickly had to expand our expertise to provide them with a more global solution, incorporating more consulting and digital.

We mainly work for large CAC 40 or SBF 120 groups, for which we carry out large event projects and smaller board events, often very strategic, for top management.
We also participate in general public events.

What does the company expect from the event today?
In today’s context, businesses need to gather and engage their audience. We have to surprise them, offering them unforgettable experiences, with their boldness, accuracy and impact. We still need Wow, to generate emotion while keeping our clients’ goals in mind.

All this while producing more responsible events, challenges that we have accepted on every project since 2017, the date of our ISO 20 121 certification.

Specifically, how does With Up Com make a difference?
It’s the team that makes the difference. Agency profiles are our greatest value, through their desire, commitment, motivation and passion for the profession.
We rely on creative personalities and strong strategic planning to surprise and innovate. Imagining new concepts, finding unusual places, discovering talents, every new project is an opportunity to stand out. There is no magic recipe and we face the same limitations as our colleagues, the challenge is tough! Our customers always expect the unexpected, they like to be surprised and shocked. To make a difference is to be able to surprise them, to challenge the task without getting too far away from it… An enduring paradox! »

Ultimately, how do you see the development of your profession and agency?
All our clients are experts in their fields. They also have very specific expectations, which we must be able to respond to in an increasingly refined way. The event communication offer will continue to be enriched and become more professional in order to offer customers a more complete experience.

I would like tomorrow, even more than today, for our customers to come to us for the unique experience we offer them.

I love the idea of ​​being overly tailored and continuing to give meaning by showing the meaningless! »

Finally, a future upcoming event we can talk about? An event that would mark you?
In 2019, the agency organized the centenary of the Citroën brand in the heart of Perche, which brought together 70,000 collectors from around the world and 4,000 collector cars. We have a music festival, an international auction, we have created a pop-up radio station and all the infrastructure specific to the event. A meeting that left a great impression on us!
And recently we just won a tender for a major telecommunications player. The event will take place in 2024 and will gather 1,700 people, on the theme of retro-gaming, with entertainment and cooperation on the program, a good mix for a great time!

For more information: www.withup.com

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