WeLight receives $1.8 million for rural electrification in Mali

The Clean Energy and Energy Inclusion Foundation in Africa (CEI Africa) has announced a $1.8 million results-based grant (RBF) to electricity supplier WeLight, with the goal of electrifying several rural communities in Mali using solar mini-grids. WeLight is already present in Mali since 2021 and manages five solar mini-grids.

With this grant, the company plans to expand these mini-grids and build nine new mini-grids, enabling the electrification of an additional 35,000 people. CEI Africa therefore supports efforts to improve access to electricity in rural Mali, where only 53% of the population had access to electricity in 2021, according to the National Energy Authority (DNE).

Results-based grants will be paid upon completion of new power connections, and will contribute to fostering the socio-economic development of local communities by providing access to electricity for productive use. This funding is part of initiatives aimed at promoting rural electrification through clean energy solutions, in this case solar energy, in several African countries.

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