The number of tourists on the rise in 2023 in the archipelago – Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 1.

On the occasion of the tenth Territorial Tourist Meeting on Friday, November 10, the annual report on tourist visits to the islands was presented. The numbers are quite good with increasing attendance. New tools were also introduced to try to attract more visitors.

Of the sea and air arrivals (excluding cruises) recorded by local authorities, almost 13,000 visitors came to discover the archipelago during the first ten months of the year, an increase of 32% compared to the same period in 2022.

These are mostly Canadian tourists. With the first consequence of very high occupancy of summer accommodation capacities.

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It remains to work on attractiveness outside this summer period. It can be special with products.

For this, new tools are launched, such as a special website with Archipel Développement, dedicated to the tourist presentation with a TV platform that lists existing videos about the territory, its places, its characters, its history, etc.

It also remains to attract workers in addition to tourists and accordingly have affordable accommodation.

Solène Anson and Sony Chamsidine report:


These territorial tourism meetings were also an opportunity for the local authorities to recognize the work of professionals in that sector with three awards. Island Escapade receives the gold medal in 2023, followed by Café de la gare (Saint-Pierre) and P’tit kakawi (Miquelon) on the hospitality and accommodation side. Two special awards were given to the Native Museum and Poulain Jewelery for welcoming tourists, especially cruise ship passengers.

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