Cognac: a helping hand for the students of the Rosa-Bonheur School

Three groups are formed. The CLA (language club) is involved in learning words in large chunks, during which they learn new ones as well as their use in different contexts. “For example, with the word chocolate it gives me their definition. I explain to them that we can make cakes from it…points out their leader Coralie Imber. We also play little games that allow them to highlight the language. »

Enough to prepare them to enter the CP, where the CLI (book club) focused on reading begins. “We choose a word of the day and look up the definition in the dictionarybreathes Sophie Marrot, a dedicated presenter specializing in art history. After homework we read a book, talk about it and can do small activities like making a bookmark. » In the last group, CLEM (reading, writing and maths club) for CE1, it is therefore maths, mainly mental arithmetic, and writing.

Parents are linked to the Coup de Pouce system. They are also welcome during these extracurricular hours to listen and participate in the sessions. “Above all, we wish you a successful year and great participation in the club! »initiated by Géraldine Gordien, deputy in charge of solidarity, health and prevention.

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