The last cruise stop of the season in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon – Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 1.

The cruise terminal welcomed the last ship of the season. This ship, with a capacity of about 200 passengers, stopped in Saint-Pierre this Wednesday, October 11. Opportunity for initial assessment with dealers.

Since the Ocean Endeavor arrived in Saint-Pierre this Wednesday morning, the bakery closest to the shore was full. Buses escorting visitors follow one another at the Place du Général de Gaulle. When they leave, many cruise ship passengers go in search of the basic croissant. A pastry fan, Cindy from Ontario was quick to get in line. As for cruise ship passengers, many regret one thing: the lack of a cafe where they can relax for a few moments, enjoying these local products.

They are looking for French products a lot, they prefer it. And coffee too!

Belinda Kérhoas, baker in the center of Saint-Pierre

And this summer season was an opportunity for some professionals to test their offer. As for the creator, we have to predict. Schedule adjustments are being considered for new restaurateurs in the city.

I focused my production on small products with low prices in order to have products for all budgets.

The visit of these day tourists remains express, since the boat departs again at 2:30 p.m. So, the end of this season, which will welcome a total of ten ships, cruises that are currently only in Saint-Pierre. Élise Marné went to meet merchants and cruise passengers.

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