The cruiser brings 3,000 foreign tourists to localities in the Center

The cruiser brings 3,000 foreign tourists to localities in the Center

Cruise ship celebrity cruises, with more than 3,000 passengers and crew on board, it anchored on Sunday November 12 in Chân Mây Port, Thua Thiên-Huê Province in the center.

>> Promote international cruises in Vietnamese waters

>> Positive signals for the cruise tourism market

The travelers visited several places in the region, including Hue, Da Nang and Quang Nam.

According to Deputy General Director of Chân Mây Port Joint Stock Company, Nguyễn Van Chuong, cruise tourism is recovering well, many travel agencies have registered to bring visitors to Chân Mây Port.

From January to September, the port received 12 cruise ships with more than 13,000 passengers. Chân Mây plans to receive 10 more ships by the end of the year.

Ngô Lâm Tông, an American citizen, said that for ten hours, when the ship docks at Chân Mây port, he will visit the Hue Imperial Citadel, a world heritage site, to discover the royal art and architecture. When he returned to Vietnam after more than 20 years, he was delighted with the country’s development and the quality of tourist services.

Port of Chân Mây can accommodate ships of 70,000 DWT and cruise ships of 225,000 GRT. It is one of 46 seaports in Southeast Asia selected by the Asia Cruise Association as a stopover for cruise ships.

The Chân Mây Port Company said 30 cruise ships carrying 48,000 passengers and 18,700 crew have applied to dock there in 2024.


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