At the Emile-Roux high school in Confolens, Thierry Claverie defends the reform of the vocational high school

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To hear Dasen, “criticism that mainly focused on the decline of general education in favor of professional” seems to have subsided. And to point out the progress of the reform that now enables students to receive internships “Awarded up to 2,100 euros” during the period of their career, specifies the director Genviève Ulrich, who welcomes a total of 45 students and trainees (first and final years together) in the professional sector.

Diversity, work in progress

And then, “there is also the SNU system – universal national service – now available during school hours”, points out Thierry Claverie. The opportunity is also available to the general sector. Another new feature: a “business office” he was born “very close to the reception” within the institution, as a symbol of the opening of the professional sector to the economic world. “Because that is what is at stake, the integration of students into the company and into work”, emphasizes Thierry Claverie. In this “table” From the beginning of the school year, therefore, a referee was introduced that the high school shares with another institution. To facilitate the search for an internship. Consistently harmonize the needs of companies and those secondary schools that have only one professional sector around ASSP in order to “support, care and personal services, ‘at home’ option”. In addition, another construction site “what we have to deal with is the diversity of our training”, points out Dasen, holding up a plastic infant in the heart of the high school “nursery”, an impressive replica of the maternity ward. So many investments that help enrich the region, says Virginie Lebraud, mayor of Chirac and regional councilor. A little before, he is in front of the two “masterpieces” achieved by two previous professional matriculation promotions that Thierry Claverie is looking at. “It is about joint work, a long-term project that students carry out in 1D and final year and is presented orally, during the matriculation exam », points out Aurora Courtois, professor of medical-social sciences and technology. Last year, students did a board game based on Maslow’s pyramid, which describes the hierarchy of human needs. “It’s a bit like Trivial Pursuit”, welcomes Thierry Claverie. Who are professional sectors for? “they are definitely not a secondary matter, but the possibility of professional advancement”.

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