Should tourists pay to enter Paris?

The city in Europe that receives the largest number of tourists, excluding overnight stays, is undoubtedly Paris. But which gets the most in relation to the number of inhabitants? Paris gets 44.1 million out of 12.4 million inhabitants, that is, slightly more than 3 and a half times more than its population.

While the small town of Étretat (Normandy) with its 1,200 inhabitants receives 1,500,000 tourists, i.e. 1,250 times more than the number of its inhabitants. By the way, thanks to the success of the series “Lupin”, on Netflix. Maurice Leblanc, the author of “Arsène Lupin”, must be turning in his grave.


Then comes the very small town of Hallstatt, in Austria, which receives 850,000 tourists for 725 inhabitants, or more than 1,172 times its population; which creates huge problems for the local population! It shows that “democratization” has a limit in everything; politics, security, transport, we want everyone to have everything; which is impossible whether we like it or not… Hence the problems the world is facing (and will be more and more) as it is now.

Return? And explain. In Italy, in the south, some tourist towns are starting to charge an entrance fee to visit it. In Corrèze, in Collonges-la-Rouge, as well as in Mont-Saint-Michel, you must park in a paid parking lot. And that’s how we pay.

Francis Dominguez, lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal.

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