Salles-de-Barbezieux LPA: looking towards tomorrow

At the head of the institution since September, Romuald Sobocinski (read box) summarizes: “Originally, the breeding of the Limousin breed and viticulture were the forerunners of the establishment. This last specialty migrated to Renaudin High School in Jonzac. There is also a poultry workshop with a Barbezieux chicken »before quickly turning his remarks to the future.

“Real opportunities”

“Our students have real opportunities. The professional matura Sapat trains people in the medical and paramedical professions, but not only that, but also trains them to manage territories with jobs in tourist offices or municipalities. A CGEA Vocational Baccalaureate can lead to farm management but also enable you to become a skilled worker. If, after the first year, the student opts for the agricultural equipment sector, the last year of which is done as an apprenticeship at the Oisellerie, he or she can become a site manager for vineyard, harvest or crop maintenance work. . »

A sector that expires because “We are aware of the reduction in the number of operators, especially the consolidation of agricultural holdings, and we are also aware of the difficulties in setting up outside the family context. But there are jobs in agriculture. » He notes the need for qualified workers employed by Cuma (Cooperative for the use of agricultural equipment) or companies for rural and forestry work.

Agriculture of tomorrow

In this vision of tomorrow’s agriculture, “Our staff is trained to operate drones, useful for flying over difficult plots, measuring, etc. Driving a vehicle with a guidance system, the investment of which is in the finalization phase. We can imagine the usefulness of robots for mechanical weeding of vineyard plots, for example. All this is part of the ambition to produce differently, which is supported by our supervisory ministry. »

“All our young people also have the opportunity to continue their higher studies at BTS, for example”wants to emphasize.

In the heart of the territory

Tomorrow is also part of the territory for the new head of the institution. “Students of the vocational baccalaureate Sapat will participate in the intergenerational project of the municipality of Salles-de-Barbezieux, the institution wants to work more closely with the organization of the agricultural fair Barbezieux, we will also continue to develop our relations with the players who train in the sector…”

Other areas of development should also enrich the program of Romuald Sobocinski, who believes that he has not yet fully visited his institution.

(1) The Charente agricultural and wine campus consists of six units: a general and secondary agricultural school, a center for agricultural apprenticeships, a center for professional training and promotion of agriculture and a farm, all four located in L’Oisellerie in La Couronne. The Salles LPA and its exploitation complete the list.


Romuald Sobocinski studied horticulture in the north before moving into large-scale gardening and then the DIY trade. In 1998 he became an agricultural equipment instructor at the L’Oisellerie locations in La Couronne and Salles-de-Barbezieux before joining the L’Oisellerie Agricultural Training Center until 2010. Then he joined the teaching team of the secondary agricultural school Renaudin in Jonzac. In 2017, he became deputy director of the institution in Ahun en Creuse, then in September 2020 in Surgères (17), before the start of the school year 2023. At 60 years old, Barbezilien adopted since 1999, imagines Salles’s position as his last.

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