Salary: These digital professions whose compensation is expected to rise in 2024

Employment opportunities in the digital sector have gone through significant transformations since the Covid-19 crisis. Hymane Ben Aoun, general manager of the recruitment platform Humanskills, highlights the trend towards less intensive but more targeted recruitment in the field. “Professions have specialized in digital, but we are seeing new transformations directly related to the development of artificial intelligence,” she specifies. In this more tense context regarding digital employment, Humanskills reveals which professions in the sector are likely to see significant wage increases in 2024.

Artificial intelligence specialist, SRE engineer… five digital professions should see salary increases of more than 10% on average next year. It should be noted, however, that the salary increases listed in the table below do not apply to current employees. Rather, they refer to employees who wish to change employers. Therefore, the stated percentage of increase represents the average additional compensation that is received when employed in a new company.

Other professions whose salaries will increase

Other digital occupations should also see significant growth in 2024, albeit more moderately:

  • Data Engineer: +7%
  • Product Manager: +6%
  • Product Owner: +2%
  • Product designer: +2%
  • E-goods: +6%
  • E-Sales Manager: +8%

The post-Covid context has led to an explosion of employment in the field of “marketplaces” (multi-vendor e-commerce sites), with each company choosing to create its own platform. Amazon is a perfect example of this expansion: “The market has created a lot of jobs. The number of open positions has increased 10 times since 2020., explains Hymane Ben Aoun. This favored profiles such as business developers, e-merchandisers and e-retail managers.

However, 2024 is predicted to mark a period of adjustment for market occupations, indicating a possible stabilization of activity in that area. This development is partly due to the growing rise of artificial intelligence, which logically benefits the professions related to artificial intelligence, which are becoming more and more central to the development strategy of companies. This is evidenced by the significant increases in the predicted income for these occupations (artificial intelligence expert and data engineer) next year. “Great opportunities are ahead of us”concludes the expert.

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