Eight tons of fish released into the water, a strategy of the ministry to lure fishermen in the Dordogne

The Dordogne wants to become a reference fishing area. To attract enthusiasts, the department abundantly populates its water bodies. This year too, eight tons of fish were released, part of which was in the large Jemaye pond

Small or large rivers, a hydrographic network of 4000 km, a hundred rivers longer than 10 km, twenty bodies of water from 20 to 100 hectares, including the nautical bases of the departments of La Jemaye, Saint-Est├Ęphe, Rouffiac, Miallet and Gurson: the Dordogne has all the advantages that a freshwater fisherman can dream.

A green and family-friendly department, the Dordogne is already one of France’s leading tourist destinations. For several years, in partnership with the Dordogne Fishing Federation, the department has implemented a seduction policy to attract these special tourists who are recreational fishing enthusiasts. There are already 6,000 who come to the department every year to tease the stallion. “Fishing is a free outdoor activity, and it is a free activity of what we call the “wings of the season”. Namely, in the middle of summer it is not very interesting to fish”explains Sylvie Chevallier, president of the department in charge of tourism.

On the other hand, in autumn, spring and even winter, fishing allows us to have visitors so that the Dordogne lives all year round.

Sylvie Chevallier

Vice-Pte Department Department responsible for tourism

Almost 20,000 fishing licenses are issued in the department every year. The Grand Etang de la Jemaye (twenty hectares classified in the 2nd fish category) is one of the favorite destinations of enthusiasts. It benefited from a significant restock last week: from Hundreds of fish, roach, but also 700 kg of pike and 500 kg of perch were thrown there.

These are ponds that are quite poor, so the fish naturally cannot find their environment. says Benjamin Delmares, fish farm manager.

We make sure that we put a spawning ground so that it reproduces there and that every fisherman who pays for his fishing license can catch fish.

Benjamin Delmarez

Fish farm manager

In all, the department’s five fishing grounds benefit from the stocking of roach, pike, sea bass, perch, tench and trout. More than eight tons of fish are released there to repopulate the area.

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8 tons of fish released into the Dordogne for fishermen, this is especially the case in the large Jemaye pond.

Last year, ten tons of fish worth 83,000 euros were already thrown into the department’s landfills.

Present species: roach, pike, carp, perch, perch, bass. You must have a valid fishing license for fishing.

Regulation: From January 1 to the second Saturday in March inclusive and from the third Saturday in May to December 31 inclusive, hunting of hake, dead fish and lures is allowed. The maximum number of rods allowed is three per angler. The amount of bait used must not exceed 2 kg.

Minimum catch sizes and opening dates

  • Pike: 60 cm (from 1 January to the last Sunday in January and from the 3rd Saturday in May to 31 December).
  • Sjud: 50 cm (from 1 January to the eve of the second Saturday in March and from the 3rd Saturday in May to 31 December).
  • Column: 20 cm.
  • Black bass: MUST return to the water.

Three predators (pike, perch, perch) including a maximum of two pike per day and per angler. Carp over 60 cm must be returned to the water. Fishing from the embankment is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Fishing from boats (including float tubes) is allowed from January 1 to the second Saturday in March inclusive and from the first Saturday in September to December 31 inclusive, with internal combustion engines. The use of remote-controlled boats or pedal boats for loading or laying lines is prohibited.

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