Positive signals for the cruise ship market

With the advantage that Vietnam is an island country, with a coastline of 3,260 km, with more than 4,000 islands and many famous landscapes, cruise tourism in Vietnam is still a strong attraction for tourists.

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Since the beginning of 2023, Vietnam has received many international ships. Many of the world’s major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Resort World Cruises… have strengthened the business of tourist lines towards the Asia-Pacific region.

Vietnam is considered an attractive market as it hosts many high-end international ships carrying up to thousands of cruise passengers.

It’s recent The spectrum of the sea of the travel agency Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, with more than 4,000 passengers on an international cruise, docked at the port of Phu My, in the province of Bà Ria-Vung Tàu. Until the end of 2023, these cruises will continue to bring thousands of international tourists to Vietnam.

Jessica RedFord, director of external affairs of Royal Caribbean, said that next year the number of Vietnamese ports where ships call will be increased to three, instead of two as this year.

It can be seen that Vietnam’s cruise market is showing positive signs through the increasing number of international visitors arriving by sea.

In addition, Vietnam has a number of deep-water port systems that can meet the docking needs of the world’s largest cruise ships, such as Ha Long International Passenger Port (Quang Ninh), Chân Mây (Thua Thiên Huê), Tiên Sa (Dà Nang), Dam Mon , Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa)…

Luxury cruises such as Star Cruises Group, Skysea Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Costa Crociere or even cruise ships A standing ovation must… recently chose the port of Chân Mây for docking. Between them, A millennium of celebrity, of the American company Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, docked five times at the port of Chân Mây in Thua Thiê Huê province. This port has become a landmark on the regional and world map of maritime tourism.

High season for international tourism

According to experts, island tourism activities make up about 70% of Vietnam’s tourism sector. In the remaining three months of 2023, the tourism sector will enter the peak season of international tourism and there is still a lot of room to exceed the growth target this year, as well as the continued development of cruise tourism. During the recent cruise tourism conference in Thua Thiên Huê, the local tourism sector presented statistics showing that although Vietnam has many advantages in the development of cruise tourism, it still lacks port infrastructure, human resources, management equipment.

In addition, the number of companies capable of providing services to cruise ships is not large, the quality of catering services is limited and does not meet the requirements of high-class passengers. Also at the conference, some companies were interested in solutions to maintain the flow of visitors, including diversifying products, increasing choices for tourists and eliminating or reducing certain fees for cruises.


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