Lot: The section cross gathered 464 children in Cahors

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Sectional cross country organized by Ušep was held this Wednesday in Cahors. Children from public schools in the south of the department were motivated for the race and were able to train for the benefit of the Telethon.

“Come on Manon, go ahead Alex!” Parents came in large numbers this Wednesday afternoon to the Lucien Desprats stadium in Cahors to come support their children during the section cross country organized by Usep, outside of school hours. It must be said that the young participants in the Grand Stock (GS) class up to CM2 were lucky to see the sun shining all afternoon for the run. 464 volunteer participants were energized to complete the level-adjusted course. “Fifteen teams from public schools in the department, linked to Usep, such as Le Montat, Aujols, Bégoux, participate in cross-country, and also a team from Ufolep multisport,” says Gaëtan Rougié, departmental delegate of Usep du Lot.

Motivated children

The ultra-motivated students didn’t forget the final goal though: “I think I can win the race,” exclaims Lisana, in class CM2 at the Prayssac public school. “I say that you have to participate first of all, but above all not to come last,” adds her colleague Eloranne. “This race is the culmination of a cycle. We have been training for this cross country since September,” explains their teacher. The races followed each other, and the distances were lengthened depending on the levels, from 700 meters for the youngest, to 1800 meters for CM2. The goal of this race was to be able to run for a long time while modulating the effort: to run long and regularly. At the end of each finish, the children climbed the platform to receive their diplomas, gold for the fastest quarter, silver for the next third and bronze for the rest, numbered according to their ranking and congratulations from the public. for their participation.

Telethon had a stand at the departmental cross-country event.

Telethon had a stand at the departmental cross-country event.
DDM Pauline Frayssou

Also run for a good cause

During this day, children, as well as teachers and parents, could make a short trip in support of the Telethon. This loop could serve as a warm-up for students before their race. The Lot Education League paid 20 cents to the Telethon for each person who completed the loop. Spins were counted using chips distributed before the loop. This partnership between Usep and Téléthon has been going on for many years according to Michèle Mas, coordinator of Téléthon 46: “It is always a pleasure to meet the children every year in November. This event helps to raise awareness and works. Many children participated in the event this year, we are very happy.”

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