Groweekend returns to Poitiers Airport to raise funds against cancer

On November 18 and 19, Poitiers Biard Airport is hosting the third edition of Groweekend to raise funds for the cancer league. On the program: numerous activities, arts and crafts market, running race and Groloto.

Boarding soon at Poitiers-Biard airport, not for an exotic destination, but for a weekend of solidarity. For its third edition, Groweekend descends on the terminal with the ambition to offer a festive and wacky moment to raise funds for the Vienna Cancer League.

On Saturday, a running race was organized on the track. In the evenings, a dining hall and concerts will be organized in the former airport restaurant. Groloto, a symbolic activity of the association, was sold out on Sunday: “We are a group of friends and we have all been touched in some way or close to cancer”entrusted to Clémence Vergnaud, cevent coordination. “We wanted to make something festive, joyful and popular, that speaks to everyone.”

The organizers also created a calendar on the topic of “Groloto Airlines”, which will be on sale in the Grotifree store. They enjoy playing with the world of unusual venues for their events.

Last year, the association took over the old firehouse and gymnasium in Poitiers for two days on the theme “Gym Tonic” : “We raised almost €15,000 over the weekend and after our expenses were deducted we donated €12,500 to the League so we were very pleased with this operation and we hope to do as well, or even better, this year”smiles Clémence Vergnaud.

A designer market is planned for Saturday at the terminal. Perrine Lohé, a designer from Poite, designs message badges that will be on sale during Groweekend and embroidered panties for the lottery: “I already embroidered something last year, and when I started, I offered to embroider something for Groloto voluntarily and for free.”

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