Lesson: Dodzi Kokoroko advocates respecting the duration of the school program.

This is a circular message from the Minister of Basic, Secondary and Technical Education that refers to respecting the duration of the school curriculum that allows access to various exams.

I noticed that, despite the valid regulations on school programs in our country, some actors of the education system allow the enrollment of students in preparatory classes under the prescribed age or exclude students from middle class students for various and varied reasons. .

In connection with this practice, I emphasize that the academic management of the so-called the gifted student is conducted under clearly defined conditions.

Apart from this exceptional case that justifies special arrangements in order to allow an exceptionally gifted student to properly use his potential, the duration of the school curriculum, in accordance with educational regulations, is defined as follows: six (06) years in primary school, four (04) ) years in secondary school 1 and three (03) years in secondary school 2.

Respecting the duration of the school curriculum aims to preserve the well-being and balanced development of our students, to maintain an educational environment adapted to the age and level of development of each child, to guarantee that each student acquires a solid foundation necessary for success in subsequent academic levels and above all to prevent overwork and stress associated with excessive academic expectations. It also facilitates the planning of educational resources and the management of personnel in institutions. Consequently, I ask the regional directors, supervisory staff and leaders of parents’ associations to explain to the parents of the students, in a conciliatory and respectful manner, the need to respect the duration of classes. take into account the cognitive abilities of your children.

I know that I can count on the will of all who participate in the education system to ensure optimal compliance with this measure.

Any offender who persists in this practice, which threatens the progressive and balanced intellectual development of students, is exposed to the rigors of the applicable texts.

Done at Lomé on October 2, 2023

Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education.

Teacher, teacher, professor. Dozi Komla KOKOROKO.

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