Lavelanet: Grand site discovery program will reveal its results

the important thing
On Tuesday, November 21 at 6 p.m., the Casino will host the final evening of the 2023 edition of the program created by “Operation Grand Site”. An event open to all.

The book of the third edition of the program to discover the future Grand site de France Montségur closes after 130 pages of activity were published between May 26 and November 17. So it’s time to settle the score. It will take place on Tuesday, November 21 at the Lavelanet Casino, with a closing party to which the public is invited.
The pictures will amply illustrate the remarks from the two video reports. The first one, along with the exhibition, was filmed by young people from CISELL as part of the campaign “It’s my heritage! “. It is entitled “Intersecting Perspectives of Our Heritage: A Universal History”. The second is a retrospective of the 2023 season commissioned by One Shot Video.
And during the evening, elected officials and technicians from the Pays d’Olmes community of municipalities will speak in turn, who for the third year in a row have carried out this initiative aimed at sharing the assets and values ​​of the Great Place for a wide audience. The goal was achieved if we consider the first attendance figures: 2,097 people benefited from the activity (an increase of 15% compared to the previous year), spread over 84 days. Twenty municipalities, mainly from the Pays d’Olmes, but also from the Pays de Mirepoix, hosted the event. This means that “Operation Grand Site” (OGS) is year by year expanding its geographical zone of influence beyond the strict perimeter of the future Grand Site de France Montségur.

Partnership strategy

The last event of the program was held on Friday in Saint-Jean-d’Aigues-Vives, organized by Pays d’art et d’histoire des Pyrénées Cathares. The social hall was full as an egg to watch two films about the industrial history of the Pays d’Olmes. During the break, viewers were invited by Pascale and Jean-Jacques Morico to visit Domaine du Hameau Baylesse, who loudly claim to be ambassadors of the bid for the precious label of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.
This last evening is an illustration of the links that the OGS service has established with several partners, above all the Land of Art and History and the Saint-Barthélemy Massif Regional Nature Reserve. They will be on hand on Tuesday night to show their desire to join forces in the hope that the territory will benefit from the new designation in 2025.
At the end of the evening, with a friendly drink and tasting of local products, all OGS ambassadors will gather.

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