It’s time to turn to the Pompadour

Located in the heart of Corrèze, the Pompadour Stud is an unmissable place in the world of horses, known worldwide for these horse shows, home to many other surprises.

It is a place where the love of horses and the history of France are intertwined. The Pompadour National Stud in Corrèze has been one of the pinnacle of horse riding in France for more than three centuries. Albane Pennequin was born in the country and explored this magnificent estate and its castle from her youth. She even co-founded the “Scènes de manège” association, which offers numerous activities on site. She is the one who guides Eric Perrin behind the scenes of this national stud with an incredible history.

Pompadour is the cradle of the Anglo-Arabian breed, there is even a unique place here: Jumenterie de Chignac. Charlotte Geyl opens the doors of this “maternity center” for a touching, timeless moment of meeting the foals born this year.

The stables regularly welcome the company Hasta-Luego, one of the largest families of horse trainers in Europe: attending a rehearsal of their show is a magical moment that Eric invites you to share.

Bypassing Pompadour, we will try to understand how a small village in Corrèze is considered a horse town today.

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