Gastronomades: a star on schoolchildren’s plates

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Real kitchen canteens

Toddlers, difficult audience? “ We can see immediately if they are not satisfied. », illustrates Boris Devant, chef of the Mornac school restaurant. ” But they remain less sharp than nursing home residents who have no filter », the nuance of Mickaël Cautour, chef of the Michelin restaurant Aumi, chef in charge of the project. In the colorful walls of the building from 1970, 200 children are treated to lunch each time. “ Our chef always prepares good meals for us. » shouts Arthur, with a broad smile shared by his friends at the table. Chefs Boris and Maud want to share more than a good meal on their plates. “ We are at school. Part of renewal is also part of awakening », swears Boris Devant.

Mickaël Clatour (right) tasted the menu he designed with the school canteen chefs in the Mornac school restaurant by chef Boris Devant.

Photo by Renaud Joubert

They are disgusted by the whole trout with head, skin and bones.

In order to succeed in this education of taste, they alternate traditional and new recipes. “ The approach is important: whole trout with head, skin and bones disgusts them. » So, this afternoon, steak finds its place on the plates, which is baked for fifteen minutes at 90°C with roasted cauliflower and sliced ​​butternut. ” A menu that you can repeat at home, with products that you don’t eat every day », notes Mickaël Cautour. This Tuesday morning, the chef of the Puymoyen restaurant visited the three canteens. “ Today it is no longer the former canteen, the chefs really cook. It’s part of education. »

Portraits of those who make Charente cuisine today are on display in the center of Angoulême

Portraits of those who make Charente cuisine today are on display in the center of Angoulême

Photo by CL

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Portraits try to return Gastronomades to the center

Their names are Nathan, Saroken or Nicolas. They are chefs, waiters or from the hotel industry, from the Charente or work in the department… For a week now, their faces have been crossing the city center. Opposite Les Halles, Place Louvel, Place de la Mairie and Rue Marengo, there are 40 exhibitions on the occasion of the festival. A way for the Gastronomads, which have been held in Carat since 2019, to set foot in the city. “ Photos are a way of keeping in touch, according to Sandrine Boux. But the president of the National Group of Independent Hotels and Catering in Charente, which launched the project, would like more to be done. “Last year, the events in the city center at the beginning of the week did not work well. It’s a shame, we’re back to a similar formula, even though it exists the possibility of better work. »
Already posted last year, the portraits have gone professional for the 29th edition. “ We made this a bit in a hurry. Here we have some really nice photos that can make young people want to start », rejoices the president, who is also the owner of the restaurant La Cigogne in Soyaux. Photographs voluntarily taken by Peggy and Yann Calvez and Marie-France Guillen, located in Victor-Hugo and Mornac.

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