Fogo, a smart radiator

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To achieve this new type of radiator, it was necessary to establish an intelligent and complementary association. Our six partners aimed to reduce energy consumption, and this was achieved with this 100% French concept, Fogo 01. Victor d’Halluin is the designer, Clément Houiller, engineer at Supratec, as Corentin de Miranda and Maxime Prieto. Sébastien Pascal is a thermodynamic engineer at Safran Nacelle, while the latter, Laurent Fehr, is responsible for development at Fehr. And the association of our six young entrepreneurs gives life to a radiator that is completely designed and manufactured in France.

The first smart connected radiator on the market

This innovation allows the user to save between 15 and 70% of the usual consumption, thanks to simple management via smartphone. When we know that the heating part represents 50% of the household electricity bill during the winter, the Fogo patent becomes a rather welcome alternative. To put it simply, the Fogo system is based on AI, which optimally calculates the heat points of your house or apartment, thereby reducing the electricity bill.

AI records your consumption habits, your daily life and therefore can start heating in your home or not. Fogo is produced in the east of France by its partner Fehr (the company of one of Fogo’s collaborators). The young company is preparing to open a future production plant in the North by 2025, and then aims for a turnover of EUR 30 million.

Made in France

At the same time, the company is developing new products aimed at heating needs, including a towel dryer, which is already at a very advanced stage. The idea of ​​internationality is also in the goals of the partners, while they keep Made in France in sight! Large companies have already shown interest in this new product, including the Adeo group (Leroy-Merlin, Bricoman, Weldom, Saint-Maclou, etc.) owned by the Mulliez (Auchan) family.

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