Eutelsat and NEC XON to expand LEO connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa

Eutelsat Group and NEC This contract includes the provision of services, installation of equipment and training of personnel throughout the region. Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO network, based on low-orbit satellites, will provide low-latency connectivity to support the rapid growth of the regional digital economy.

With the integration of NEC, Wally Beelders, CEO of Communications Solutions at NEC XON, noted that this partnership will help increase connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa, supporting business growth and innovation in the region.

Cyril Dujardin, general manager of connectivity at Eutelsat OneWeb, also highlighted the potential of LEO satellites to overcome geographic limitations and enable new applications, such as connected agriculture, connected mining sites, connected businesses and local government services. LEO satellites are considered an effective solution for connecting remote rural areas to the Internet, bypassing the limitations of traditional terrestrial connections or cellular networks.

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