Deleage: a company dedicated to the environment

The company has a real advisory role for the companies, agencies and communities that use its services. However, Deleage is just as attentive to the events in society as it is to the needs of its customers and does not hesitate to act concretely.

A global player in its market

Founded over 35 years ago, Deleage originally focused on printing techniques. However, the company has already listened to the needs of its customers and has been able to expand its offering to meet their demands. Deleage now has a wide range of products that use several materials (PVC, aluminum, vinyl, cardboard, etc.) to adapt to all requirements and situations. Deleage therefore offers solutions for covering stands, including embossed ones, such as internal company events or conferences. To meet all constraints, the company also offers products suitable for outdoor events. ” Our ability to optimally respond to various requests is explained by our own knowledge and experience, printing, cutting and even shaping. We also rely on long-term partners where necessary » emphasizes Clément Védrine, the company’s commercial director. Deleage takes care of product design as well as their production and assembly on site.

Listening and agility, basic principles for Deleage

But Deleage is not just a talented creator. Relying on a team that is as competent as it is united, the company has really managed to develop agility that allows it to respond to requests in much shorter deadlines. ” Since 2020, the market has undergone significant changes, there is no longer a period of peak activity, and customer requests arrive much later. Therefore, we had to adapt, but our processes and the commitment of our teams today allow us to respect the shortest deadlines as well as the most demanding briefs. » adds Clément Védrine. Deleage attaches great importance to listening to the needs of its customers, both to optimize time and to deliver products that meet their expectations; and brings his experience to advise them on the most suitable solutions. This sense of listening is also found in Deleage’s commitments.

A true commitment to eco-responsibility

The problem of environmental protection is becoming more and more important for companies. However, there are few who have gone as far as Deleage in concrete action. In addition to using recyclable products, Deleage has established a program to encourage the reuse of its products, “2ème Vie c’est gratuit”, offering its customers products that have already been produced and used for free, charging only for new ones. prints. This concern for the environment is especially recognized by the Ecovadis gold medal and the ISO 14001 and Imprim’Vert certificates. “Our action for the environment stems from our beliefs. Because, as with performance, we are convinced that wanting means being able » says Virginie de Neuville, founder of Deleage.

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