Chinese giant Alibaba is launching its training activities in Tunisia

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has launched its training activities in Tunisia in partnership with the International University of Tunis (UIT). The aim of this initiative is to contribute to the country’s digitization efforts by offering certified training on digital transformation and digital entrepreneurship, specifically “Netpreneurship”. Additionally, new academic programs in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation are now available, leading to a dual degree from ITU and Alibaba Business School. These courses are open to students, young entrepreneurs, industrialists, exporters and traders, and are also available to participants from other regions of Africa.

The International University of Tunisia and Alibaba aim to strengthen the country’s human resources in the field of digital transformation. Attendees will also have access to the Alibaba GDT cross-border e-commerce simulation platform, which will allow them to practice on various existing e-commerce platforms. This collaboration aims to support the growth of the digital ecosystem in Tunisia and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital sector.

Alibaba Business School and Alibaba Global Digital Talent Network (GDT) thus contribute to the education and training of key players in the digital transformation in Tunisia and other regions of Africa, with the aim of promoting the economic development and technology of the continent.

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