BAC II 2023: Togo records a success rate of 79.43%.


On July 23, the General Administration of the Matriculation Office announced the results of the 2023 matriculation. This diploma, which opens the doors of universities in Togo, was obtained by 57,440 candidates out of 73,309 applicants, which corresponds to a success rate of 79.43%.

An increase of 4.36% compared to the rate achieved in 2022.

Returning to the details of the results obtained by series, we note that the highest success at the general education level is recorded by series C, which achieves 93%, followed by series D with 90.90% and series A4 with 82.82%.

In terms of technical education, apart from E series it gets a rate of 81.85% F1 87.17% F 86.92%…

Good luck to the new high school graduates, and to those who have been delayed, good luck with your courage and sacrifice!

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