Xi Jinping inspects post-disaster reconstruction work in Beijing, Hebei Province

Kickoff – Xi Jinping inspects disaster recovery and reconstruction work in Beijing and Hebei Province

General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to flood prevention and relief operations. On several occasions, he gave important instructions and consents and requested that everything be done to protect people’s lives and property.

On November 10, at the beginning of winter in the north, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a special trip to Beijing’s worst-hit Mentougou District (Hebei) and Baoding Zhuozhou City to visit and sympathize with the affected people, confirm and guide the post-disaster reconstruction and reconstruction work .

One day, by car, train, through Beijing and Hebei, the trail covers rural areas, communities, schools, municipal facilities, water conservation projects, visits to residents, teachers and students, shops, on the farm, in the wheat field, on the embankment, cold resistance, swimming at night and back.

“During the trip I heard and saw, I feel firmly anchored in my heart, but I am also satisfied that the work on recovery and reconstruction is proceeding according to plan. We should continue to implement disaster recovery and reconstruction one by one and continue to work hard to push people’s lives towards a better direction, so that people will have a better life in the future. ,” said Mr. Xi.

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