“Wealth management, as it should be”

Can you summarize your company’s activities in a few words?

Dirk Lichtherz, Alexandra Regnery, Christian Zois, Joachim Erdmann. – “With more than 2 billion euros of assets under management, Colin&Cie is one of the leading independent wealth managers in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Our clients include private and institutional investors from all over Europe. The Colin&Cie process combines a complete analysis of needs (GBI approach), structuring of the resulting assets and implementation of a personalized strategy through the selection of securities based on the “Best in Class” approach.

You have just joined the Paperjam+Delano Business Club. What reasons prompted you to do so?

“Our goal is to strengthen the visibility of Colin&Cie’s value-based business model and further develop our relationships within the local ecosystem. We identify the individual need for professional solutions in comprehensive wealth planning and targeted wealth management. Business Club events provide our multilingual wealth managers with an ideal environment to meet potential clients and business partners.

What are you looking for there? And what do you think you can offer to the members you will meet there?

“We would like to offer interested members a no-obligation advisory service to show them what makes us an independent wealth manager. Our approach is characterized by the absence of targets focused on shareholder value, objective and transparent investment decisions and a guarantee of continuity in monitoring, without changing contacts. Client-defined life and investment goals remain at the heart of our approach.”

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