We tested the gigantic all-you-can-eat buffet in Albi, one of the largest in the region

the important thing
Saveurs Gourmandes is a restaurant where almost 1000 people can eat every day. A phenomenon in Albi that attracts a lot of attention.

For several weeks there has been excitement on the streets of Albi and on social media… “Have you been there?”, “this is my fourth visit”, “people seem to be queuing outside and can wait for hours” “, “huge is… but is it good?”

But what could the Albigensians be talking about? De Saveurs Gourmandes, a new restaurant that opened in October at Francisco-Goya Street 3, in the Géant Casino area! A restaurant like no other, because with its all-you-can-eat buffet formula and its 450 seats, it is simply one of the largest in the region. The second, just behind the famous Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne.

Well, for the sake of comparison, we’ll stop there… it’s not the same standard and especially not the same price. At lunchtime, count on €16.90 for the all-you-can-eat formula, €23.90 in the evening and €24.90 on weekends. Invincible. But you will be charged €5 if you return the filled plate uneaten. Eating as much as you want does not mean splurging.

Space of 2000m2

First of all, you will have to be patient to find a place in the parking lot… 12:15, and it’s already full. Many customers park in the parking lots of neighboring brands. When we get inside, we are overwhelmed by the smell of… fried food. Les Saveurs Gourmandes are seafood, sushi, all kinds of meat, fish, plenty of desserts and lots of… fried food!

In this space of 2000m2, we come across many retirees, some young people and forty-year-olds who come to enjoy their lunch break. The sea dominates here. Blue tones, tapestry-like jellyfish and plaster dolphins here and there on the chest of drawers.

In the back of the huge room there is a barbecue. Here, people come to cook their food, previously selected from the buffet. Meat, fish, scallops and vegetables are placed on huge baking trays, all generously drizzled with oil.

“It’s Heaven”

The sushi stand, right next to the seafood, is a real success. We rush there and watch the chef prepare them. “At the same time, I’m taking a cooking class,” laughs the customer. If you are a fan of cold meats and cheeses, you will have to come back. Unlike meat and vegetables, the choice is very limited. Too bad.

But the safe bet remains Chinese food. All the choices are here: chicken, pork, spring rolls, skewers, and don’t forget the shrimp stewed in all the sauces.

The last stop, desserts: “it’s heaven” exclaims a customer between doughnuts, ice cream, mousse, pastries, fruit and a chocolate fountain.

The service is fast, it’s time to pay, and the flow is high there. Many employees are experienced. We leave there, satisfied. The sweet smell of fried food still follows us…

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