Vouchers for restaurants: food products will finally be available for purchase throughout 2024

Bercy backwards

The use of meal stamps to make purchases was no longer to be allowed from 2024. An announcement that caused a strong reaction from consumers.

Indeed, this measure was very popular among users who shopped in supermarkets and limited the effects of inflation on their shopping carts. Therefore, they will be able to continue buying other indirect consumer products (pasta, rice), as before.

Olivia GregoireMinister Envoy in charge of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and trade, announced this Tuesday, November 24, the extension of this payment for the entire year 2024.

Restaurateurs still at a dead end

The decision to approve the use of coupons for restaurants to purchase food products that are not intended for immediate consumption was approved in August 2022 as part of a law aimed at taking urgent measures to protect purchasing power.

This measure was quickly adopted to provide support to French citizens affected by price increasesespecially in food, caused the anger of restaurateurs, who were afraid of cost reduction in their establishments.

Therefore, we will have to wait until the end of next year to find out the development of these titles.

Another new feature: title dematerialization

The government aims to abolish paper meal vouchers by 2026. Specifically, meal voucher users will have to use a payment card or a mobile app to pay.

On the consumer side, The advantages of this dematerialization are: the ability to pay for your meal to the nearest cent without change, elimination of the risk of losing money associated with paper tickets.

On the restaurant side, reduces the administrative aspect and costs associated with sending paper tickets to payment operators.

Furthermore, payment terms for caterers will be shortened, and commissions charged by meal voucher providers should be reduced.

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