Tribute: The Overseas Academy of Sciences salutes the memory of Henri Lopes

As part of the confrontation of knowledge and know-how, essential for scientific progress, on the eve of COP 28, the Overseas Academy of Sciences proposed a conference on ocean management on Thursday, November 16 at its headquarters in Paris.

On the sidelines of this meeting, a group of scientists paid tribute to Henri Lopes, a member of the Academy since March 2006. A tribute to the rich and fascinating combination of intelligence of the famous deceased.

For Anatole Collinet Makosso, elected associate member since February 17, seventeen years after his compatriot, Henri Lopes is like “fine Congolese flower”. “ During his life, he wanted to appropriate the idea of ​​protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions, placing himself as a substrate: what is the future for the cultural and creative sectors, which are also the sources of the people’s right to their emancipation? He worked to help others make them their own.” he emphasized

And to continue: “Obviously, no human work is perfect, but Henri Lopes will give us a life lesson: man’s search for meaning that has stood the test of time. Can we not say that he was a great visionary of the modern age even though the leveling of the passing time could sometimes make him shine briefly or make him forgotten? »

The Prime Minister concluded his tribute with the words: “Today, we feel remorse for Henri Lopes, but we are also refreshed by the depth of thought of this famous Congolese and world intellectual of these modern times. May the soul of one of the most prolific masters of Congolese thought rest in peace!”.

Commenting on this tribute, Antoine Triller, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, expressed his pleasure to see the torch being taken up by a new elected official so determined to continue Congo Brazzaville’s participation in the Academy.

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