Togo: new presidents at the head of public universities.


New faces in the presidency of the public universities of Togo. The former president of the University of Lomé, prof. Dodzi Kokoroko left his chair to prof. Kpodar Adam, while prof. Kokou Tcharié succeeded prof. Komla Sandu at the University of Kara.

The appointment of these two new presidents of the University was made by presidential decree.

Full professor of public law and director of the National School of Administration (ENA), prof. Adama Kpodar, due to his deep knowledge of the mysteries of the University of Lomé, will follow the same path as his predecessor, prof. Come Kokoroko. At Kara University, Professor Tcharié, Professor of Mathematics at the Universities of Togo, will replace Professor Komlo Sando.

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This September 5, 2023, the handover ceremony will be held at 3 pm at Lomé University in the -Ahadji room, while the Kara University handover ceremony will be held on September 7 in the great council of the Kara University presidency within 08 hours.

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