The Second Life has established itself in the used vehicle market

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The used goods market goes beyond a fashion phenomenon and becomes a real fundamental trend with the emergence of new consumer habits.

Arnaud de Soultrait: After 12 years at the head of the clothing brand “Vicomte Arthur” I could see the excesses of the fashion industry and its harmful impact on the planet. The creation of The Second Life 2021 allowed me and my partner Antoine to give meaning to our new entrepreneurial adventure.

In France, we now spend twice as much clothes and wear 7 times less than 20 years ago. By giving your clothes a second life, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 20 to 30%! However, existing resale platforms like Vinted are 100% CtoC and 100% digital, which includes numerous disadvantages for the environment, consumers, and excludes fashion professionals, most of whom are purchased first-hand. clothes that make up this gigantic market (1.5 billion euros in business volume). Therefore, we wanted to create a tool to encourage customers to give a second life to clothes they no longer wear in an ultra-easy way, without photos and without negotiations!

Our mission: to enable retailers to regain control and support their customers’ clothing throughout its lifetime.
With The Second Life, consumers can sell their clothes without photos and without exchange for coupons valid throughout the partner network. When we know that 2/3 of our clothes lie in our closets, you can imagine how big the container is!

To sell your clothes with The Second Life, users have 2 options:
– Online collection platform – we design a collection place, like partners (malls, department stores, fashion brands, etc.)
– Physical collection events organized several times a year.

The price of the articles is determined by argus according to different criteria (brand, size, season, material) and the clothes must be in perfect condition. Clothes that are not selected are donated to local charities, often already associated with our retail clients.

What are the advantages of your solution?

We simplify the process for users with a winning equation: flawless garment = guaranteed gift card. We buy over 1000 different brands, with no platform fees, no photos or tedious negotiations.

For retailers, we offer comprehensive support covering logistics, operations, technical tools and communication. With The Second Life, spreading fashion has never been easier! »

We are already trusted by 50 retailers (Claudie Pierlot, L’Exception, Westfield, Marques Avenue, SCC, Klepierre, etc.) in France and Belgium, 100 by the end of 2024, especially with the opening of Italy and Spain.

In 2023, more than 300,000 items of clothing found a second life thanks to The Second Life, and we donated more than 150,000 items of clothing to charities.

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