Saturday mood: canteen on a diet

President Macron, who announced on Tuesday that he wants to create a “French canteen team” to fight food waste, has already found his champion in the Charente: the manager of the private school-college Barbezieux. In Sainte-Marie, the canteen no longer serves as an entrance for children. To save money, it’s hard to find something more radical! It is also effective against waste. No more appetizers, no more leftover grated carrots and an intact appetite when it’s time to tackle the main course. It’s like that three times out of four lunches. Why not every day? Because the school did not have the heart to deny them “sends, desserts and other salty delicacies”, which children seem to love and which must be at the top of the recommendations of the Sodexo dietitians, the prescribers of these delights!

The editors advise you

Adapt to junk food or fill the garbage: the Barbezieux school therefore chose. Including, and that’s what the director says, by replacement “beautiful fish fillets that are expensive and that children do not eat with fish in other forms”. No doubt the ones buried in breadcrumbs, square and with eyes in the corners. There is work to be done, President, who wants to “ that all children in France know the difference between fennel and beets.” Fortunately, the head of the Elysée Palace has other ideas on how to achieve this. “ From next year, all children in primary school in France will have to put on an apron and prepare a meal for their friends during the year. How come the Sainte-Marie school hasn’t thought of putting the kids in the kitchen yet? You don’t even have to pay for canteens anymore!

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