Relief(s) – Champollion, Egyptian Treasure Hunt

PODCAST. In 1822, Jean-François Champollion unraveled the mystery of hieroglyphics, a writing for which the world had lost the key to reading… Years of hard work for this tireless genius, passionate about oriental languages ​​and who is at the age of 32, opened the door to Egyptology.

Born in Figeac, he spent several years of his youth in and around Grenoble, following his older brother Jacques-Joseph. Their family home, in Vif, is today a museum in the department of Isère that displays part of his work: deciphering hieroglyphs and the birth of Egyptology. Working notes and other evidence of his experiences can also be discovered in the Grenoble library and museum. This podcast is part of this Egyptian trip.

Alain Fischer
Champollion Museum, Vif, 2022.

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