Major reform: delivery of identity cards in Cameroon in 48 hours

The process of issuing national identity cards (CNI) in Cameroon will soon be reformed to allow citizens to receive their CNI within 48 hours. This reform aims to improve the efficiency and speed of issuing CNI, similar to what was introduced for biometric passports.

The service provider selected for the production of CNI will work under the Build-Operate-Transfer model and will be responsible for the construction of three autonomous CNI production centers in the cities of Yaoundé, Douala and Garoua. In addition, modern recruitment centers will be created, each of which will be equipped with at least fifteen recruitment stations, thus doubling the number of identification stations throughout the country.

The reform also includes the installation of more than 700 fixed sets and 300 mobile sets equipped with state-of-the-art technologies in identification stations. This modernization will enable quality service and automatically verifiable identification documents using 1,000 mobile reading terminals. Reducing the time for issuing CNI to less than 48 hours aims to solve the problems associated with long delays in obtaining these documents.

At the same time, an inter-ministerial committee is working to resolve issues related to double identity and false identity before launching the new CNI issuing system. This reform should improve the efficiency of the CNI issuance process in Cameroon, providing citizens with a faster and more reliable service.

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