Learn to protect yourself from cyber attacks

In the case of ransomware, where data is held hostage for ransom, Crédit Agricole insurance, for example, covers the emergency intervention of an IT specialist, remotely, seven days a week, and then sends an IT specialist on site. If this data attack results in an operational loss, it is supported. “We recently had a case of a garage in Jarnac whose activity was locked for three weeks: we covered that. If the buyer paid the ransom in a panic, the insurance can also compensate.”concludes the referee.

But for this insurance to work, there are certain prerequisites. “For example, if Windows updates are not finished or if the computer does not have an antivirus…”, raises awareness among insurance advisors.

In case of mailbox hijacking, if the user makes a transfer to a fake RIB, “The contractor’s insurance won’t be able to do anything. The victim is the customer, not the company,” explains the expert. “The client could even sue the company, if we go further, for a security breach. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you protect yourself from cyber threats,” he encourages.

As for the cost of this cyber protection insurance, “ for 50,000 euros of coverage with coverage of operational losses, you should count on between 380 and 400 euros per year,” illustrated by the advisor.

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