Lavelanet: Red Cross logistics for high school students

As in previous years, the logistics platform of the Laroque-d’Olmes Red Cross welcomed the CAP students “logistics operator” and another Bac pro logistician from the Jacquard Vocational High School in Lavelanet.
Goal? Touch the world of work through an activity in the regional distribution center of the Red Cross, which fully corresponds to the logistics activity learned in class, and everything is integrated into the concept of help, solidarity, neutrality. Fifteen students participate in this immersion, on Tuesdays, in groups of three, accompanied by Magaly Pecceu, teacher and representative for sustainable development at Jacquard High School.
Jean-Marie Parrenin, head of the site, and Red Cross volunteers, are full of kindness towards these young adolescents who are discovering the world of food intended for insecure families, which despite all the rules, rigor in preparation for the needs of the nine units of the association in Ari├Ęge.
Preparation of orders, compliance with references, quantities, storage on pallets, installation of protective plastic film or even transport to the storage site, these courses within the logistics platform of the Red Cross are part of a series of sustainable development and exclusion, of which Jacquard Vocational High School is the holder, and which it also includes the fight against hunger and poverty.

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