From the Canadian Army to a real estate agent in Newfoundland, the already busy life of Miquelonnais Tony Lucas – Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 1.

Today’s real estate agent in Saint John, Newfoundland, Tony Lucas already has a full career. At only thirty years old, he recounts his various life experiences in Miquelon, mainland France and Canada.

Tony Lucas was born to a father from Miquelon and a mother from Newfoundland. Tony therefore has dual citizenship. What he considers real wealth. “With a French passport we have access to Europe, with a Canadian passport we have access to North America. So it’s really a very, very good opportunity to travel. It’s never a problem to come back to Canada. Even in the United States it’s much easier. And it’s the same in France , it’s wonderful to be able to travel all over Europe with a passport.”

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Although he was born in Canada, Tony grew up in the city of Miquelon for a little over ten years. Then he was forced to move to mainland France. The first life experience that will then strengthen his determination to travel the world and promote his archipelago beyond borders.

It was an opportunity to educate people a little bit and to say that there is a French presence in North America that is really magnificent and that I come from there

Another ten years later, at the beginning of his adult life, Tony decided to fly to Saint-John, Newfoundland, to continue his studies and be closer to his mother’s family. But sometimes life takes a different turn and he ends up in the Canadian army. There he will learn to become a foot soldier. “I joined the army after the 2015 attacks that hit France” Tony confides. A way to discover another universe and “eventually, if necessary, be ready to serve” he adds.

A motivated young man with a penchant for new experiences, today he is a real estate agent in the province of Newfoundland. A profession that, apart from his role in the army, allows him to live differently every day. Recently, Tony has also embraced a partnership with the community of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon to promote the archipelago in neighboring provinces. “I’ve always done it, but this is work.” Tony concluded. Already a few strings to the bow for Miquelonnais, who admits that he still has many other projects.

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