Companies: “cobots”, our best allies at work?

Do you know “Kobot”? Coming from a contraction of collaboration and robots, they facilitate the work of people without replacing them. In Witry-les-Reims, not far from Reims, the company Carbody, a manufacturer of automotive equipment, was attracted to this daily help. Nineteen cobots work together with 500 employees, reports Le Parisien this Thursday, November 16. They were supplied by the Danish automated arm manufacturer Universal Robots and its distributor Sysaxes.

They are there to help operators with their repetitive tasks, our colleagues explain Erik Pourtau, co-founder of Sysaxes, during a visit to the Marne factory on November 9. Where a robot whose programming is frozen tirelessly repeats its actions, a cobot collaborates with a human. For example, we can show him the welding process and adjust it at any time by taking it in his hands.»


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Between 25,000 and 50,000 euros

The cobots in question are capable of screwing, welding, mounting or even packaging. Their revolutionary side lies in their ability to learn. An articulated hand can reproduce a gesture imposed on it by the man who works with it, our colleagues point out. Made of aluminum and a cell with sensors, it can be adapted to the medical environment as well as the agri-food sector or even the plastics industry.

This gem of technology still has its price. You have to count between 25,000 and 50,000 euros for the initial items. An amount that is not given to any company to spend, especially since cobots can have a bad image attached to them: too complex, too expensive or dedicated to replacing human beings. Clichés that his distributor tries to demonstrate by presenting his products in action in the field.


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That is why we are forcing him to take responsibility for the industrialistsexplains Erik Pourtau to our colleagues. One of the applications we suggest is palletizing, all manufacturers have their product that ends up on the pallet. And the cobot allows them to respond to labor shortages.“For him, it’s about providing”simple tool, easy to use», as in Cabordy, where cobots make »mrincrease productivity while fighting strain“. And the distributor concludes: “Because the cobot performs the most repetitive and tiresome tasks.»

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