Cognac: Industry relies on digital to attract young people

Supported by the Union of Metallurgical Industry and Crafts (IUMM), this annual national event is structured around events aimed at promoting this sector and creating vocations especially among young people, changing their view of professions that still suffer from an outdated image despite their evolution.

With more than 51,000 job vacancies in the first quarter of 2023 nationally and 58.4% of companies struggling to recruit, the industry is struggling to attract, regardless of the level of qualification sought.

The former industry is over, technology is at the center of business today.

The lack of attractiveness, which is particularly felt among women (less than 30% of employees), is not immune to the companies in the Cognac region that employ almost 2,200 employees with, as bridgeheads, Safran Aérosystems in Cognac and Vérallia in Châteaubernard.

How to reverse the trend? To this day, we open the doors of this sector to digital, digital tools, especially video games and “gamification” mechanisms, which are more adapted and above all more capable of attracting this target audience, job seekers, but also students. , high school students, apprentices.

Forindustrie, the consecrated world

This is the purpose of “Forindustria” (1), an entertainment platform created by the agency Euphoriques from Marseille, where Nouvelle-Aquitaine debuted this year with its dedicated world. A world with its quizzes, presentation videos of companies and employees who embody their profession, but also with their training, their innovations, all revealed with a simple click with bonus points and prizes you can win. The one presented by the agency Pôle emploi Cognac at the beginning of the week ahead of this Industry Week which, locally, will also include company visits, an escape game and other discovery activities in the sector. In which he participates with a group of ten unemployed people involved in this game open to secondary schools in the region. They just need to register on the platform to create an account.

“A plus in the area of ​​guidance for their studentsnotes François-Xavier Paute, project manager in the economic department of the Charente Employers’ Union, which supports the initiative. And the opportunity to show them that the industry of the past is over, technology is at the center of their business today.”

Sector “innovative, dedicated to decarbonization and sustainable development, rooted in territories, useful, full of possibilities”, supports Jean-Brice Rouby, director of the eponymous group specialized in hydrology (conveyors, flood spillways, etc.), based in Salles-d’Angles. A local industry nugget manager looking for skills, like the others.


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