Cherves-Richemont: a new class of managerial trainees at the Institute

On Monday, November 6, the meeting of the two sectors took place, just in time for the month of social and solidarity economy. The goal of 10 women and 5 men in training is a priori identical or even equivalent: to acquire a professional managerial position, consolidate skills and develop the ability to act methodically, realize projects to increase responsibility in the social economy sector, daring to trust each other. Responsible for training, Sébastien Hupin, deputy director of the Institute, is already expressing his conviction “to deal with a big promotion”. In the past, on several occasions, 100% results in the REESS diploma have confirmed the experience and excellence of the training. It is up to the class of 2023/24 to continue this great momentum.

In the second register, that of wine representatives specializing in distillation, the class of 2023 received on October 27 the results of the education from September 4 to October 27 conducted at the Institute: 10 of the 13 initially registered received a certificate of education and evaluation. perform their function in the distillation campaign that will last until the end of March. In connection with the recent Ban de la Distillation de Grand Cognac, the profession of distillers and specialist agents is justifiably proud of its original know-how, which transforms wine into wine essence and then into cognac.

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