Building tradesmen, an evening to talk about digital this Thursday, October 19

How do you navigate the multitude of software and applications that exist today? How to recognize your own needs? How to choose the right management software? What should you avoid? What small apps or digital tools, sometimes free, could save me valuable time on the construction site, in procurement, in customer relations? How to digitize and at the same time protect yourself from the increasing number of cyber threats? Independent experts, a software publisher, an IT specialist, a police officer specialized in combating cyber threats, a banker, an insurer, a chartered accountant, a professional construction union… They will all be present to answer the questions of Amanda Cognard, the economy journalist of Charente Libre, on testimonies of Charente craftsmen, and above all your questions. During and after the interactive conference, during the cocktail dinner.

Charente Libre, Capeb, Extrabat, TDI Service, Crédit Agricole and the accounting firm Exco will welcome you on Thursday October 19 at 7 pm at the Crédit Agricole headquarters in Soyaux. Free. Do not hesitate to register now here. or from Virginie Blanquart at 06 12 05 72 73 or at

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