Building a future greater than your past

You may also see some of your colleagues or relationships moving away, some friends alienating you, and even sometimes alienating you from your own family.

The truth is that as you change your thinking and act more willingly, you will inevitably leave some people behind. But you’ll also discover a new community of entrepreneurs, focused on growth just like you. Also, as you grow, keep three principles in mind that will support you through the transition you will experience and allow you to avoid losing the energy needed to cope well with it:

1. Relationships change as you grow. It’s perfectly natural. It’s been like that since your early childhood. In high school, you didn’t have the same friends as you did in school, and as a student you still discovered new ones. As an entrepreneur, it’s the same. Your relationships will inevitably change and evolve with your success. Even if some people continue to follow you faithfully, others will drop out. That’s okay and part of life. The relationships you left behind probably weren’t meant to last. Now attract people who will have a positive influence on you, who will encourage you in your development and who will strive to grow, themselves, with you. You are never alone at the top. Come to terms with this reality and accept the changes!

2. You are not the center of other people’s universes. Many entrepreneurs worry about what their friends and colleagues will think of them if they grow up in a new community and leave them. But your fear of being judged for your ambitions is probably just an idea of ​​your own making. These people probably don’t even think about it because they are busy following their own journey.

3. You rightly want your future to be bigger than your past. This is true for all entrepreneurs. It’s a community you should compare yourself to, one that’s completely forward-looking. And this community is important. Get close to her to find the stimulation you sometimes lack. Caring for optimists and enthusiasts is undoubtedly Coué’s method, but it works. Everyone is drawn to enthusiasm, momentum and growth. Instead of feeling alone or isolated, you will encourage others to follow the same path as you.

Change is not only changing ourselves, but also changing those around us. Some adapt to keep up, others are replaced.

Alain Goetzmann, coach and consultant for leadership and management

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