Barbezieux: a private school cancels entrance to the canteen to save money!

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Entrance, the weak link

In private institutions, such as the Sainte-Marie de Barbezieux school, the measures are different this school year 2023. “We tried to increase prices as little as possible for families, summarizes Carole Couribaut, head of the institution. But we have a framework contract between several private facilities and the company Sodexo – which cooks all our meals in Jarnac – which has seen an increase of 6 to 7% in September 2022 and September 2023. So they ask us: what is thrown away the most and could be eliminated? »

The editors advise you

CDC des 4Bs: “We cannot mitigate everything”

Mid-term return for CDC des 4B President, Jacques Chabot. As the community council takes place this Thursday, the president considers future issues. Interview.

The input is quickly flagged as a weak link, “We now only offer one entry per week, which we’re sure the kids will love. » No more grated carrots and other beets, if the appetizer rears its ugly head, it will be in the form of cold cuts, sweets and other salty delicacies. “But we always balance our main dish, it must include starch and vegetables. »

Scavenger hunt

In this scavenger hunt, a true economic sinkhole, the school catering industry in Sainte-Marie “They will always offer to try the vegetables and come back and help yourself if you want, but we avoid big plates that end up in the trash.” Also, continues Carole Couribaut, “We have self-service from CP to 3e. After the tray is made, it may happen that the child is no longer hungry at dessert time – because his menu consists of a main course, a dairy product (cheese or yogurt) and a dessert (fruit or other) – so we set up a table in the heart of the canteen which is a common table. Children put what they don’t want there, and other students can help themselves. »

For example, we no longer serve beautiful fish fillets that are expensive and that children do not eat, we offer fish in other forms…

Sainte-Marie is going further and has just partnered with a dog and deer breeder. “As soon as the holiday of All Saints returns, we will ask the children at the end of the meal to put food in a bag intended for the dogs, and apple pits, banana peels, etc., in another for the deer. . » This approach will also allow the facility to reduce its waste bill, a cost item included in the parent canteen cost. Here, one meal costs €4.90 for kindergarten students, €5.45 for elementary school students and €6.70 for high school students. “We also offer arrangements for regular half-boards. » Costs significantly higher than the costs of public schools, “but we do not receive aid for this item of expenditure and our budgets must be balanced”. Therefore, all solutions can be taken into account: “For example, we no longer serve beautiful fish fillets that are expensive and that children don’t eat, we offer fish in other forms…”

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