Baraqueville. Wally performs in the Red Armchair

Wally’s two shows will take place on Friday 24 November and Saturday 25 November, as part of Theater Month, at Fauteuil rouge.

Wally is the quintessential artist today. Well known for his talent and unique humor, we now recognize his sensitivity and generosity. With each of his performances, this artist shows and demonstrates bright and cheerful nostalgia, joyful and infectious melancholy. Thanks to his clips from his childhood, his teenage emotions and a little distance, Wally will make you cry, laugh, but above all, move you. He performs on all the biggest stages and theaters in France. A long-time guest of the TV set, he will be there for you all weekend at Fauteuil rouge in Baraqueville, for your greatest pleasure.

“My difference” on Friday

Wally, the son of workers from Vieille Montagne, born in the 1960s in the working-class town of Viviez, is a singer who talks about the symbolic moments of his childhood, in his street, which was rural only by its name: acacias. Wally does not choose a tragic tone to express the social determinism he has experienced.

The humor, the comic power of the images and the exquisite literary style combine to make us share, with laughter, the social reality of an era and the intimate and humble pain it caused. Wally is a true artist who knows how to treat tragedy through comedy, releasing both laughter and emotion.

“Walawac” on Saturday

Wallawac is a project that begins with the meeting of the comedian Wally and the theater duo Awac. Tom and Nico, the Awacs, two comedians in the midst of a mid-life crisis, dream of breaking into the world of humor by participating in the big television competition “Who Makes France Laugh?”.

To do this, they go in search of Lilian Derrua, known as Wally, a former comedy star, who draws a line under her past. But soon an unexpected event will happen that will surpass this fiction with its class and humor.

Price: 1 evening €15 and 2 evenings €20. Book at Baraqueville Town Hall.

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